Just in front of your accommodation there is a small sandbox, a tree swing and a barbecue & picnic area. There is also a 'secret garden' with trampoline, swing and slide. In our pond there’s a raft, if the waterlevel is high enough you can draft the raft to a small island.

In the lower part of the garden you’ll find our animals and the vegetable garden. Living the Permaculture way for us is amongst others growing food, fertilizer & fodder. Keeping a few farm animals to produce the amount of meat, eggs and honey we need for ourselves and our business. It’s fun, especially when the sheep, pigs and chickens save us time by plowing and fertilizing the kitchen garden, keeping small-creeps under control and ’mowing' the grass. They even help us to recycle food-waste.

It’s not the easiest or cheapest way of living but it feels like we get more  involved in live itself. For our guests it is often fun to look for the animals in the garden. We love the reaction of kids as the chickens and rooster pass by the swings and sandbox during their morning walk. 

We like to share our ’permacultural’ way of life. You are welcome to visit the permaculture garden between 8.00 and 20.00. Outside these times we allow our animals to be undisturbed.

We must be the change we wish to see   -Ghandi-