We started our hotel business in the summer of 2009. The silence and nature of Lidhem were overwhelming. The buildings in Lidhem were however characterized by wear, neglect and functionalization. The houses had been used as private homes but were used in the 40's as a school, camp, treatment home and the last few years as a boarding house. We decided to get started with our hotel business immediately.

Intuition has been guiding us since 2009. Which has resulted in countless hours of construction, painting and various garden projects. We have tried different ideas, we have changed a lot again. We have been looking for both our own and Lidhem's identity. It has been going forward quite slowly, but we managed successfully. As a family and as a business. Up to the present day we strive to develop and improve Lidhem even more.


Our aim is to find a way to both live and work in a functional and sustainable manner.


We have chosen a limited form of self-sufficiency in order to learn, have fun and especially get involved in life itself. In the summertime we give our guests insight into our work and life. …

LIDHEM 1400-2008

Lidhem is located in Locknevi, a rural parish about 20 km northeast of Vimmerby and 50 km west of Västervik on a spur of the highlands of Småland. Locknevi has a typical northern Småland countryside with lots of rocks and stones, largely forest covered.

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In our discussions with Swedish Welcome we noticed that we should focus more on what we have accomplished. That we can be proud of ourselves. 

Lidhem vid köp

Lidhem when we bought it in 2009

We started our business from scratch. Some beds, chairs and plates were all that was left in the house. There were holes in the walls and doors, window lists were missing, the garden was chaos and the roof leaked. …


Many guests ask us if we live and work all year long at Lidhem and what we do when the tourist season is over. An insight in our lives ...


After working for 4 months uninterrupted, i.e. 7 days a week from 7 am to 21:30 pm, we are tired. We would love to take it easy now. Going on holiday or do nothing is what we are dreaming about right now.


In reality the school begins again and we have to wake up even earlier now, in order for the children to come to school on time. In addition, it is very difficult to break the rhythm of recent months. …


The first snow comes in late October or early November. Now we focus on winter cultivation and the planning of next years spring and summer cultivation.



We must be the change we wish to see   -Ghandi-